Investing through a Financial Advisor


To open an account with the AQR Funds you should contact a financial advisor at the financial institution of your choice.

There is no minimum investment requirement for accounts opened through a financial advisor, although some financial intermediary firms may impose their own minimum investment requirements.

Investing Directly
with the
AQR Funds


The AQR Funds are generally available only through financial advisors. However, certain categories of investors may open an account directly with the AQR Funds:

  • Institutional investors such as qualified retirement plans;
  • Individual investors making a minimum initial investment of $1 million for Class N shares, or $5 million for Class l/L shares; and
  • Investment professionals, employees of broker-dealers or other financial intermediaries, and their immediate family members.



For eligible investors seeking to open an account directly with the AQR Funds, please download and carefully read the Fund's prospectus as well as the appropriate Account Application form below.

Please mail a check payable to AQR Funds in the applicable minimum amount, along with a completed and signed Account Application to: AQR Funds, AQR Funds, P.O. Box 2248, Denver, CO 80201-2248. Applications must include your valid taxpayer identification number.

You may also purchase Fund shares by wire transfer from your bank account to your Fund account. To place a purchase by wire, please call 1-866-290-2688 for more information.

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